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Master's Program Requirements

Required Courses:

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At least one semester of teaching is required for the degree and this usually consists of one or two sections of an undergraduate laboratory.

Advisory Committee

Following the selection of a research advisor and the Advisory Committee, the Graduate Faculty Committee Approval Form must be filled out with the names and signatures of committee members and filed with the department secretary.  The completed form will then be forwarded to the Graduate School for final approval. 

Advisory Committee Meetings
Students will schedule their first meeting with the advisory committee in the spring semester of their first year.  The purpose of this meeting is to review course grades, provide input on the student's proposed research project and research progress. The first committee meeting must be scheduled as soon after the seminar as can be arranged and before the end of the spring semester.  Failure to do so will result in non-renewal of your assistantship contract.
The second advisory committee meeting must be scheduled before the start of the spring semester of the student's second year to review student progress and set a deadline for the completion and defense of the thesis.  

The thesis should represent a competent piece of original research carried out on a specific physiological problem or area under the research advisor’s supervision.  It should include an adequate review of the literature, a statement of the hypothesis, a set of experiments testing the hypothesis by whatever methods are appropriate, an analysis of the results, and an interpretation of the work and its significance. Upon completion of the thesis research, a final department seminar is presented followed by an oral examination.  The examination will be conducted by the Advisory Committee and will cover the subject of the thesis and other matters related to the discipline. The thesis must conform to the formatting guidelines of the graduate school.

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