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Peter R. Patrylo
Associate Professor
PhD - Rutgers/UMDNJ-RWJMS Physiology/Neuroscience
Department of Physiology
Life Science II, Room 176
Phone: 618-453-6743
Office Hours: By Appointment


  • PHSL 410/511 Coordinator and Excitable Membrane Unit Lecturer
  • Medical School Year One Curriculum Tutor and Resource Faculty (SSB unit)

Research Interests

A large fraction of my research program has focused on characterizing and understanding how alterations in neuronal connectivity/efficacy affect behavior (i.e., seizures and cognition). While my interest in this topic started during my graduate studies focusing on the characterization of hippocampal malformations in developmental mutant mouse strains, it really took off during my post-doctoral/research associate years (mentors: Drs. FE Dudek and Anne Williamson) which focused on animal models of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) as well as hippocampal tissue resected from patients with intractable TLE. Upon joining the faculty at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (2001) I expanded this research program by incorporating additional models of epilepsy (cortical malformation related epilepsy) as well as aged rodents (models of "normal" and pathological aging - Alzheimer's disease) in order to begin to assess whether there could be common underlying alterations in synaptic connectivity/efficacy that could account for both a pro-convulsive phenotype and cognitive decline being that these two phenotypes are frequent co-morbidities.
During the last several years my laboratory has additionally begun to examine how metabolism/anti-oxidadants can affect synaptic efficacy/plasticity in “normal” and aberrant circuits and subsequently impair behavior. These experiments have primarily been performed in models of Alzheimer's disease and normal aging.

Selected Publications

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Book Chapters:

Patrylo, P.R. (2009) Aging and Seizure Susceptibility. In: Encyclopedia of Basic Epilepsy Research. PA Schwartzkroin ed. Elsevier.